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Spring Fashion with Emily!


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Emily, from Life with Emily
Emily is a senior in college studying Public Relations and Sociology. She enjoys shopping, reading, crafting, photographing memories, watching way too much reality TV, and spending time with her family, boyfriend and friends!  You can also find her on twitter, facebook, and pinterest! Check out her Photo Blog too!

D: Hey Emily!  How's your day been?
Emily: Very stressful, but good. How about you?
D: Along those same lines actually!
So I generally start this thing by asking three questions: Where are you? What are you wearing? and What are you drinking?
Emily: I am currently sitting in my living room, wearing Tory burch flats, j.crew matchstick jeans & a neon yellow, white & black striped shirt! I am (about to be) drinking some wine with a friend!
D: Awesome! sounds like a totally cute outfit!
Emily: Thanks, pretty casual but fun!
D: I'm a pretty casual girl actually. even dressed up I go for comfortable cute *grins*
Emily: As do I! I like the simple look.
D: Very much so, which is what we're talking about, fashion!
What would you say would be your ideal daytime outfit?
Emily: During the day since I am walking around campus I like to be comfortable, yet presentable. A normal daytime outfit for me would consist of jeans, boots, a top and a cute jacket or cardigan! Living in the mountains the weather changes all the time so it's always good to dress in layers!
D: Living in the south works about the same way! My office is very business casual but my favorite days are Fridays. I'm a jeans and loose cotton shirt kind of girl. I love these flowy cotton vests.
Emily: Where in the south are you from? I'm from NC & go to school at Appalachian.
D: I'm in upstate SC, Spartanburg/Greenville Area
Emily: Oh ok, I know exactly where that is. (sorry I got off topic!)
D: Totally ok! That's why I like chats better than interviews!
So, in a slighty different direction, what's your ideal look for a night out? Date night, we'll say.
Emily: I am a huge fan of my J.Crew pixie pants lately, so last weekend I wore those out with my nude heels and a creme sheer flowy top. I added a fun set of pearls from J.Crew that are cream and chunky that definitely added to the outfit.
D: Sounds very pretty. I'm recognizing a theme there, big J. Crew fan? 
Emily: YES. Huge J.Crew fan actually. I worked there for a little bit and it's safe to say my paycheck went right back to them! *grins*
D: I had a job at Victoria's Secret once, I had the same problem. *laughs*
Emily: I can believe it! it's never a good idea to work somewhere you like to shop.
D: No it's not! Although with a part time gig sometimes the discounts help. I have very little self control though. I can't let myself go to the mall anymore. I'm just no good at saying no to the perfect top, or that awesome sale that always seems to be going on in my favorite stores.
Emily: Me either and when I've had a stressful day I find myself shopping or lusting over items online!
D: Same here! My biggest problem is imagining the perfect outfit in my mind's eye and not being able to find it in the stores!
Emily: I look to pinterest a lot for outfit ideas, it really helps!
D: Yes it does! What are some of your favorites?
Emily: Well lets see, I have over 5,000 pins!

Source: polyvore.com via Emily on Pinterest

Source: polyvore.com via Emily on Pinterest

Source: shopbop.com via Emily on Pinterest

D: So, let's talk accessories too. What are your favorite accessories? And maybe some of your top wishlist items!

Emily: I am HUGE with stacks. I have 6 watches and love to interchange them and add a ton of bracelets to go along with them! My everyday staples are my David Yurman bracelet, My MK watch, my Lauren by RL gold chain bracelet and my Pandora. I also love statement necklaces. Since I tend to go with more simple outfits they really add a lot and make an outfit seem better.
D: I agree completely. I love the look of stacked bracelets. I don't do it often because I use a keyboard a lot and they bang against the desk, but out and about it's a lot of fun!
Emily: I have a ton of things on my wishlist, but for the spring/summer I am into the mint and neon trend. I can't wait to get my hands on some!
D: I love those colors on other people, but they wash me out. I wear a lot of jewel tones. I also love neutral colors and then I add color with accessories. It lets me get more wear out of my wardrobe.
Emily: Yeah I have found I tend to go towards neutrals, black or super bright. My closet is a mix of all of that!
D: I have a lot of black, gray, purple, and hot pink *laughs* but I really love a good deep teal.
So what is your relationship with bags? Are you more a big purse girl, or is a clutch all you need?
Emily: All of my bags are essentially "Mary Poppins" bags. They can hold a ridiculous amount of things in them. I have a few clutches but rarely use them. I am the girl who always brings my camera everywhere so a clutch does me no good!
D: I own one clutch, but I never use it. I carry big purses and often an extra bag too. I've usually got my laptop, my reader, a camera and two planners with me.
...and that's the extra bag. Of course the wallet, make-up, and phone are in the purse with another notepad and various things I probably don't really need!
Emily: Yes most of the things in my bag I DON'T need! I usually have at least four different kinds of chapstick and a tube of mascara along with my planner and wallet.
D: I guess it's that "but what if I need it" voice that has me carrying half of my life around with me.
Are you more shorts or dresses in the summer?
Emily: Hmm, hard choice. I would say dresses all the way, but sometimes there is nothing better than colored chinos and sandals!
D: This is true, I wish I had the thighs for shorts! It's my goal to find some that I like this year. I'm hippy and finding shorts that fit me is very hard, so I'm dresses all the way once it gets hot outside.
Emily: Plus dresses can easily be dressed up or down!
D: I have soo many cute sun dresses and I wear them to work with cardigans and heels then lose the jacket and add sandals when I leave, it's back to the whole versatile wardrobe thing.
Emily: I hope my job allows me to do that!
D: As long as I'm covered they don't care. I have a ton of cute short sleeved shrugs and jackets that I mix around in the summer.
What are you studying?
Emily: I am a public relations major and I graduate in May!
D: Now that's exciting! It's the final stretch!
Emily: Yes, exciting/stressful/bittersweet all at the same time.
D: I remember. So do you have most of your major classes out of the way so you can fully enjoy it?
Emily: I did everything a little backwards. I took a ton of my major classes first and was left with my gen eds all last year and last semester. I am taking my 2 final capstone courses and two more classes for my major now! It's the first time I've taken 12 hours, ever!
D: Oh really?! Well, I was late picking a major in college so I understand the backwards concept.
Emily: Yeah it was a little annoying, but I am glad I'm almost there!
D: I bet, it's exciting!
Emily: Yes I am so excited!
D: Well it has been awesome chatting with you! Thanks for doing this with me!
Emily: I am so glad I had this opportunity!
D: Enjoy your wine and your evening!
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