Monday, February 13, 2012

A Much Needed Girl's Night!

A Much Needed Girl's Night

Single again, and desperate for a night out on the town, Missie called Gina, McKenna and Stacey. They made plans to meet at the Tavern and catch up. It had been so long since they'd all four been together. McKenna e-mailed regularly with pictures and pleas for the girl's opinions on her wedding plans. Gina was at Missie's whenever she wasn't with Josh, and Stacey... well, Stacey was partying like she always was.

When Missie finished inputting the last maintenance request she quickly shut down her computer and headed out the door. She needed a bottle of wine and something that was entirely unhealthy to eat. Her cell buzzed in her pocket and she fished it out as she climbed into her car.

"Yes Ma'am?" Missie quipped. Gina laughed into the phone.

"Where are you slut? I'm at your apartment." Missie could hear the rustle of the mat in the background. Gina knew where the spare key was and they'd long ago established she could come over whenever. Missie winced when she remembered the state in which she'd left the kitchen. 1..2..3

"What the hell have you been doing in this kitchen?" Gina exclaimed. Missie laughed out loud.

"Just don't clean up my apartment. Please?"

"I make no promises, just hurry it up!" Missie laughed as Gina disconnected the call and put the car in reverse. She only lived minutes away. Her supervisor never could understand why she wouldn't live in the complex. Her rent would be next to nothing. Missie couldn't bring herself to live where she worked though. It was bad enough being so close. She wouldn't be able to stand it if her neighbors tried to make her work when she was off the clock.

She turned into her parking lot and spotted McKenna's car two spots down. Man, now they were both seeing her messy apartment.

Missie hurried out of the car and juggled with her jacket, purse, and extra bag. She was running a little behind this morning so her make-up and curling iron went to work with her. She stumbled up the walk and knocked on her own door. McKenna appeared and took the larger bag from Missie's hands.

"Thanks girl, sorry you're seeing the place like this." Missie dropped the purse and jacket on a dinning room chair on her way to the kitchen. She winced when she saw that Gina had quickly and efficiently cleaned the place. Gina breezed around the corner with a glass in her hand.

"Don't say a word, just go get ready." She grinned and pulled down another glass from the pantry to pour Missie a glass of her own wine.

"I feel like a guest in my own place!" She exclaimed as she took the glass and went to the bathroom where McKenna had already unloaded her beauty bag onto the counter.

McKenna was sitting on Missie's bed on her cell phone. It took only a minute of conversation for Missie to realize she was talking with Stacey who was already holding down a table at The Tavern. Gina swooped in and sat the wine on Missie's vanity. Missie quickly fixed her hair and touched up her makeup. When she got to the bedroom Gina had pulled out a pair of jeans and new earrings. She waved Missie to swap out the items and within minutes the girls were out the door. All three girls piled into McKenna's SUV and headed towards the Tavern.

Ten minutes and two Adele songs later the girls poured into the parking lot and made their way into the restaurant and to the corner table Stacey was holding.

"Hey!" Stacey called out. McKenna shuffled ahead of the other two and hugged Stacey. They hadn't seen each other since Gina's Christmas party. McKenna's couple schedule and Stacey's party girl schedule didn't usually mesh very well.

Once the girls settled into the booth and ordered drinks they began chatting. McKenna shared her most recent wedding plans that consisted of design elements that revolved around vintage black and white photos.  Gina was particularly quiet, and while she hadn't said it yet, Missie was sure it was because she was getting anxious about getting her own diamond but didn't want to say it out loud.

"So," Stacey said, "Mike asked about you the other day."

Missie nodded and took a sip of her wine. She didn't want to talk to Stacey about Mike. She felt bad about ending things with him, but she just wasn't ready for anything serious. She didn't know how to respond without seeming callous but luckily Gina picked it up for her.

"So Stacey, what have you heard about the new place over on Spring Street?"

With that Stacey was off remarking on her two trips to the new tapas bar in town and all of the feedback her entourage had been giving her about the hunky bartender.

They ordered cheese fries and even McKenna, who had been on a diet ever since her mom hinted that she should get her nails done, dove into the junky girl's night food.

They chatted until their entrees came out and that only barely slowed them down. Gina ordered a second bottle of wine for the table and in no time Stacey had located a couple of guys to chat up. The night had it's own rhythm that left Missie feeling giddy and relaxed. It had been too long since she'd had a night out like this. She missed hanging out with the girls like this.

She poured another glass of wine. She would most likely regret it in the morning but tonight she was going to enjoy herself. Stacey had long since made her way to the bar, and McKenna was in the restroom. Gina reached for Missie's hand and beamed.

"I'm so glad we did this tonight! We really need to do it more often." Missie agreed and finished off her glass. She glanced at her watch, a little shocked with the time but vowed not to be the one to bring it up. Luckily there was no need, McKenna stopped to ask for the checks on her way back from the restroom. Missie's phone buzzed with a text from Tommy.

Need to see you. Are you home?

Missie scrunched up her brow and shoved her phone back in her purse. She hadn't heard from Tommy since the night he'd stayed over before he and Kendra got back together. She'd had too much to drink for him to come over tonight. Who knew what was up with him, and last she heard he was still with Kendra. As they'd learned a few months ago they couldn't be trusted when they'd been drinking. She tucked the phone away and decided to wait until tomorrow to respond.

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