Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So today is Ash Wednesday and many of us ate all kinds of fatty foods yesterday to prepare for whatever we were giving up as of today.

I am personally starting the season of Lent with a little bit of anxiety. I gave up fried food this year. My thought process had been that I need to be healthier and not junk up my body with a lot of grease. Which is still very much the case. I just didn't realize what a huge group of food I was cutting out!

Over the past few days it has been pointed out all the things I am giving up. I already knew that fast food would basically be out for me, but I now realize that mexican food is also out for me. Everything I can think of that I order when I go has something fried, even if it's just the chips in my nachos.

I'll be doing a lot of baking and broiling and roasting at home. I'll be trying out some new recipes and forcing myself to find healthier ways to prepare my food. It's going to be a good thing.

 I'm just really anxious about it. Historically I've been a really picky eater, and while I've gotten much better in the past year about branching out of my comfort zone, I still struggle with my "fall back" foods. For example almost every restaurant serves chicken fingers and fries. So if all else failed I was ok. That won't be an option for me this year. This will force me to get creative on the days I have to eat out, and I will be forced to plan my meals better. 

So that's what I gave up for Lent, what about you guys? Do you observe Lent? What did you give up this year? Anyone add a practice to their routine rather than give up something?

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Monica said...

Oh my Gosh giving up fried foods would kill me! Actually eating them are going to kill me! lol good luck.. :>)