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Gettin' Fit with Steph!

Talk to Me Tuesday is a weekly feature where I chat up some of the coolest women on the web.


Steph is the brains behind the blog Babe's Rockin Mami and the creator of delicious treats at Steph's Rockin Bakery. She is also a co-creator of the Flab to Fab Challenge, an online community group of individuals working together to get into their best shape! She is also a loving wife and an awesome mom. One of the few bloggers I actually get to physically "see" from time to time since we live in the same town.

Running late as usual I text Steph to say I'm on my way home to talk and J boots up my laptop and makes me coffee as I scurry in the door for the "interview" that was supposed to have started 30 minutes ago.

D: I'm here I'm here! So sorry I'm late! 
Let's chat! Allow me to get into my interview mode. 

Steph: No problem, just procrastinating on dinner. Do you need to put on glasses? 

D: I do actually! lol I can't read the screen otherwise! So what is for dinner? I'm curious.

Steph: I haven't decided. I know a salad and a veggie but I have to pick my entree. Maybe some pasta tonight. 

D: NutriSystem meals? 

Steph: Sii, There are lots of choices but nothing ever realy stands out for dinner. 

D: That's a cool deal you have there! 
(Steph is receiving free NS meals for a few months to blog about her results on the program)
So, my first three questions are: Where are you? What are you wearing? and What are you drinking?
(Yes, I stole them from Jeff Foxworthy.) 

Steph: I am in my living room on the couch wearing a stained shirt, yoga pants and slippers *laughs* Very sexy, no? 
And I'm drinking Crystal Light. I'm sure he would be ok with your stealing. 

D: I figure it's not likely he'll ever find out anyway.What kind of slippers? Are they fuzzy? *grins* 

 Steph: They are these sweater like ones. Similar to those weird boots that look like sweaters but they are slip-ons. Nate picked them out the other day, 70% off at Target! Woo! 

D: Hey, hey! I do love target, especially when they have sales! So we are talking about weight loss today! 

Steph: We are! 

D: So you have been on your own weight loss journey for a little while and in the process you've inspired a lot of other bloggers to join you! (Stephanie has teamed up with Jayme for the Flab to Fat Challenge. They have a group on FB that encourages each other and they run weekly features on their blogs. This year-long competition is open to everyone, and you can join in at any time!) Can I be nosy and ask how much you have lost so far? 

Steph: You can, I have estimated that from the beginning to now I have lost about 16lbs and 26 inches. I didn't weigh myself before I started, only a month in but I can guess. It's a big loss, but still a lot to go! 

D: But it's such a great start! 

 Steph: I know the 26 inches for a fact! *laughs* 

D: The inches are always more important to me anyway. Call me vain, but I care what I look like more than I care about the scale! 

Steph: I feel the same, the P90X has put so much muscle on my under the fat that is has also pushed the scale up. Muscle weighs more so I try not to get hung up on the pounds. 

D: Exactly. I've been making some baby steps toward getting healthy again. I'm focusing on the fact that I haven't gained anything and I've added more veggies into my diet. 

(Since the time of this convo I've also joined a dance class, and I have a standing Zumba date with my best friend, Jen) 

Steph: Not gaining is good. I went clothes shopping the other day and I was so excited that for the first time in a long time it was for SMALLER clothes! 

D: That is exciting! Have you always struggled with your weight? Or did it come with adulthood? 

Steph: Always, as long as I can remember. I was never a skinny kid! It got worse in adulthood when I was in a bad relationship and then I was able to lose 60 pounds after I ended it. Then I went and got pregnant *laughs* Now my weight doesn't just fall off anymore. 

D: Well I understand how hard it can be. I started gaining weight in the 4th grade. Since my second year of high school I've lost and gained the same 65ish pounds. 

 Steph: Mine significantly increased when I got boobs. So you get the up and down struggle! You lose then gain, and lose then gain! 

 D: Yep! 

Steph: I have been finally able to realize it's more mental than physical for me. I self sabotage myself a lot. 

 D: You have been so inspiring though! Clearly this time is different for you. Is there a reason or motivation that you haven't had before? 

Steph: I think what is different this time is that I have gotten rid of a few people in my life who were negative and hindering me and I gained a very supportive husband. I also see living as long as possible for Nate and being able to romp with him as a motivator too. I was the girl who was fat but had the 'hot mom' and I don't want him to have the 'fat mom' if that makes sense. I have also been able to look at myself objectively and try to get behind the mental roadblocks. When I was younger there was a lot of abuse and violence around me and I seemed to eat my feelings. When I got older I got into an abusive relationship and continued to do that. Now I am in a good place.

D: Being there for your family is a great motivator! I can personally attest to how great your little family unit is too!
You three seem to be a very happy family.

Steph: We actually hate each other a lot, it's a big front for everyone. *grins*

D: Ah I see!! *grins* Well don't worry I won't tell anyone!
How do you go about making time for your workouts with Nate? You must have a system in place.

Steph: Being the crazy scheduler that I am, I do! When Chris closes {at work} as soon as Nate is down for bed I start my workout. If he has been rough I wait about a half hour then get busy, workout, shower and make dinner before Chris gets home. If I have an evening plan or Chris works earlier I usually workout during Nate's nap and take a super fast shower. It can be done with kids or a job but you have to want it.

D: I believe it. I've yet to get myself into a routine. I'd like to blame it on my schedule, but motivated people such as yourself always have me facing the reality that I simply have to want it.
How do you handle the days when you're just so worn out you feel like you don't have it in you? Do you have a mantra or a mental image that spur you to do it anyway?

Steph: I didn't used to think I had time because I would rather be doing something else but I had to realize that to lose 150 pounds I'm going to have to devote time to it. The days that I don't want to do it what I usually do is tell myself "just do it for 10 minutes and if you still don't want to then stop" and usually after the 10 minutes I will keep going but there were a few times where I stopped. If you are too tired, you are too tired. But make sure you aren't just being lazy first!

D: That's a great rule!

Steph: If I'm sick or just exhausted I might skip. I think that in my 90 days of p90x I skipped less then five times for various reasons. Stomach flu, sick baby, etc.

D: I'm so jealous of you for completing P90X! That is a major accomplishment!

Steph: I was so proud of me!! I like to act like I know I will finish it but I was really unsure in the beginning. It's HARD but I did. I really think if I can do it anyone can do it!
You included!

D: I'm hoping to borrow it from a friend soon. What I would really like to to use the Insanity program, just because I think I would enjoy it more. Either way, I think a DVD is the way I need to go right now. I have a treadmill but I need to switch it up and get some complete body workouts

Steph: I like DVDs because you can do them at home and you get a pretty good workout. I have heard great things about Insanity, I may try that after my 2nd phase. Do you know people who have done it?

D: A girl I know from high school did it. She's actually a personal trainer now and she highly recommends it.

Steph: You should try it then!

D: I really should!
J's been looking for a sale or used copy for me. Hopefully soon!

Steph: I used to do abs of steel and thighs of steel on VHS when I was like 22 haha I loved those tapes! 

D: I remember a group of girls in college that would bring in an old Denise Richards DVD and we'd all do it together - while laughing at the clothes. You burn even more calories that way!

Steph: I love those clothes...if I was smaller I would so rock a unitard.

D: *laughs*Yeah? Well then, what do you say to that? 

Steph: Not in public or anything, well, maybe I would go take a class at the gym complete with sweatbands and leg warmers.
Hmmm, maybe I should do that when I get to goal weight. There is that jazzercise place downtown.

D: Oh yeah, I do want some legwarmers!
A little different from my goal clothes though.
I've been looking at corsets and fitted skirts, but you know...
That's just me *grins*

Steph: I don't even have goal clothes yet. I just want to be able to go into a store and just buy something anything off the rack in the 'normal' stores where you can get a jacket on winter clearance for $10 and don't have to wonder if it will fit next year.

D: I understand that sentiment! I need new clothes so bad but I keep waiting to get smaller clothes because I don't want to risk going shopping and discovering I need a size up!
So that settles it!
I'm getting up early tomorrow to get on the treadmill!
Gotta start somewhere.

Steph: You can do it! A little bit is better then nothing at all!

D: And a little bit everyday will add up! then I can do more because I'll have more energy! It can be done!

Steph: You will get SO much more energy! AND it takes like a week before you notice. Today is my day off and I wanted to workout just to use up some energy!

D: That's awesome! Tomorrow it is! So it's been great talking to you! 

Don't forget to check out Steph's blog and the Flab to Fab Challenge!

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