Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ink and Harleys

Talk to Me Tuesday is a weekly feature where I chat up some of the coolest women on the web.

Terri, AKA The Bipolar Diva
Terri is the amazing woman behind The Bipolar Diva. She's a suburban mom living with bipolar with a love of motorcycles, tattoos, and all the luxuries in life. Mom of eight, she is a force to be reckoned with. If you've never met her, you should definitely check her out and add this amazing woman to your reader!

Diva: Hey Girl!
D: We're finally doing this!
Diva: I know!
D: I have to admit I've been looking forward to this chat! Motorcycles and Tattoos!
Diva: My favorite subject *grins*
D: Right?! Before I get too far, my first three questions: Where are you? What are you wearing? and What are you drinking?
Diva: I'm wearing jeans and a Harley hoodie, I have a clueberry scone and I'm drinking a latte.
D: A latte sounds good right now. It's actually acting like winter in SC today and it's cold!*almost two weeks ago, we're back to spring weather today*
Diva: It's actually ok here today, finally!
D: Harley weather?
Diva: Not quite, I like mine at least 60. Its about 50 at the moment and I like to be warm!
D: I'm a warm weather girl too, I'd die if I ever had to live in a northern state. I like my hot summers and mild winters.
Diva: I have friends in Alaska and I think they're damn crazy!
D: OMG, I'd die!!!
Diva: Me too! I HATE snow with a passion!
D: So lets think warm thoughts *grins* Motorcycles. You have a freaking awesome one!

Diva: Thank you, I love her!
D: Did you have a vision from day one? Or did she slowly evolve into the beauty that she is now?
Diva: I kind of had a vision when I bought her, but it was no where near where she is today. I knew I wanted pink and at first I thought I just wanted pink "ghost" flames, but as I lay in my bed recovering from the accident I decided I wanted a more nostalgic look. I wanted it different, but classic too.
D: Well, you chose well, I love it!
Diva: Thank you! I do too, and she gets compliments everywhere we go. I had a guy tell me once that my bike says, "I'm a lady, but I'll still kick your ass." *laughs*
D: I love it! Sounds about right! What's the best ride you've ever taken on her? Anything stick out?
Diva: I favor long trips. We go to Street Vibrations every September and are gone for about a week to ten days, it takes two or so days to get there and it's a week of motorcycles, tattoos, people and debauchery *grins* We try to take several long trips during the riding season.
D: Sounds awesome! I'd love that. I don't have one, but i feel like I'm supposed too! * laughs*
Diva: I think you're the kind of girl that would love it!
D: As soon as it starts getting warm out I always feel like I'm missing something!
Diva: You are! If I were there I'd come scoop you up and we'd be off for a ride!
D: I wish you were! I had a friend for a while that took me out a few times, but no more. That's a story for another day. So you're awesome photo shoot from last year? How much fun was that?!
Diva: That was incredible! Sexy clothing, leather, motorcycles and tattoos.. in my element and away from the suburbia mom I play during the week.
D: You looked like you ate up every minute of it!

Diva: Oh yes.
D: How many tats do you have?
Diva: I have, let's see... One on the back of my hip that's a cover up, one on my outer left thigh, one on my front hip and stomach and a 3/4 back piece.
D: I've seen pics of the one that climbs your stomach and it's gorgeous! How long did you sit for that?
Diva: Thank you! that one took two 3 hour sessions I think, if I remember correctly.
D: That's dedication! I love them, but I can't sit that long *laughs* I have four small ones.
Diva: Well, Vicodin helps.
D: *laughing* I bet it does!
Diva: Mine are all larger pieces, but they are in spots I can cover them in my daily life as a business owner and mom.
D: I know what you mean. Mine started that way, but the last one is on my wrist. Bracelets don't quite cover, but they distract from it.
Diva: I want another tat, but I'm having to talk my husband into it.
D: I want a lot more but finances are prohibitive at the moment.
Diva: I'm thinking of getting a white one on the inner part of my forearm, that was it's not TOO noticeable, but it's still there.
D: I have been dying for a white ink tattoo! I keep trying to figure out exactly what though, and where I want it. I'm actually thinking along my collarbone would be fun.
Diva: I think I'm addicted to the needle *laughs* I saw a white one on pinterest the other day and fell in love with it. the collarbone would be fun.
D: I saw the white before I got my last one, but I love my color too.
Diva: I do too. It was funny, I usually come into Starbucks in my daily suburban mom clothing and one day I was leathered out with my tats showing and this older woman touched my shoulder and said, "Dear, I've never seen this side of you." I wasn't really sure what she meant by that 8laughs*
D: I'd have loved to seen her face!
Diva: It was priceless! But, she still talks to me so I guess she's accepted it *grins*
D: Of course! Who couldn't accept you!
Diva: Haha, oh let's count the people... mainly people in this small clique-ish town.
D: Well, people who matter I should say *laughs*
Diva: True, true.
D: So I know you're a Harley girl, but have you ever had anything else?
Diva: Never. I'd never been on a motorcycle until I bought my husband one for father's day in 2005. I loved it so much I had my own four months later, and then my Isabella came that next May. I'm full on, die hard, Harley. I love the culture, or sub-culture I guess.
D: Yeah, I don't have one and I'm already a Harley girl. I drool, and at least once a year I go customize my own online and print out a new picture *laughs*
Diva: *laughing* I do that too! Although, I'd never get rid of mine, she's a part of me. My husband wants me to get a new Road Glide, but I think I'll stick with my Heritage.
D: I always go back to a Sportster or the closest thing I can find. I'm always browsing the classifieds.
Diva: I just sold my Sportster, I never rode it anymore and she needed someone to love her. The sportster is pretty affordable as far as Harley's go, and they are fast and sleek.
D: That's what I've been thinking and it seems like it would be easier to handle for a newbie. So I dream, and peruse the classifieds. One day I'll have the money for it. 
Diva: Good for you!I didn't get mine until I was 43 and I wish I'd gotten it sooner.
D: I'm hoping against hope that when I get my debt paid off in a couple of years I can get one. I'm aiming for my 30th birthday *grins* This has been fun!
Diva: It has been. It's been nice to be able to "talk" to you! I've always admired you.
D: Same here, you're the first blogger I found when I started and I've always admired your honesty and the way you deal with everything you have on your plate!
Diva: Oh thank you. That's awesome coming from you. My life is chaotic but I don't know any other way!
D: I'm willing to bet you appreciate life a little more because of all of it!
Diva: Oh yes, I certainly do.
D: Thanks again for doing this, it was really fun!
Diva: It has been fun! Bye for now!
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Who doesn't love the diva?

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Diva is my idol! I love her to pieces!

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Love Ya, Sexy Diva.

And That Pink Bike is So Loooovely & Girlieeee.

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Great Interview. Thanks.

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Great interview =)

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