Wednesday, March 26, 2014

30 Day Hairstyle Challenge

So I'm in a bit of a hair rut. I have two quick things and two 'I spent more than 2 minutes' things I do with my hair.

It's either 1) scrunched with product 2) up in a messy bun 3) down and straight or 4) down with curling iron curls.

I'd really like to get back into the habit of styling my hair. It's longish so there is a lot I can do with it and with spring and summer around the corner I'm going to want fun ways to wear it up too.

So I'm challenging myself to wear my hair styled differently each day for 30 days. I started a pinterest board and I'm going to post pics to instagram with #30daysofhair.

Wanna play along?

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Aubrey S. said...

Loving the new blog design and name. Can't wait to see what the new look brings for content. =D