Monday, February 17, 2014

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

"Why don't you go get in the shower?"

When Jason told me for the third time in thirty minutes that I should go shower, I was starting to get a complex. In fact, it was about to start a fight. My feet hurt from shopping and I was tired. So all I really wanted to do was sit down for thirty minutes.

Then he admitted, "I really want you to soak in the tub."

My Valentine's Day gift was a freshly scrubbed tub, new bath salts, chocolate, and an uninterrupted, unrushed hot bath.
It was heavenly.

One of the reasons I pushed for the apartment we chose was because of the large roman tub. (Don't wrry it was the all around winner anyways) I love a big tub. But we've been so busy and so rushed that I haven't had an opportunity to use it! So after four months I got to relax in my huge tub.

He also cooked while I was soaking, so steak and potatoes followed shortly thereafter.

How was your weekend?


angel shrout said...

AWwww see that right there is perfection to me as well....

lil desiqua said...

That sounds sooo relaxing- and thoughtful! Glad you finally got to use the tub!

Aubrey S. said...

What a sweetie!

Beth W said...

That's a beau win! :D