Thursday, February 27, 2014

Keeping it Real

Some blogs have authors who are seriously talented in just about every way. Their pictures are always perfect. When they take pictures of their homes they are always the perfect combination of sunlight, cute knick knacks, and of course clear unclutterd tables and floors.

I'm not saying it's not real. Because I whole heartedly believe that some of these women have homes and apartments I would drool over and that they are just flat out more stylish/organized/talented than me.

For me though, and I think at least for 75% of the bloggers out there, DIY posts or project sharing is super intimidating. It's just so easy for those to reveal our real lives - messy, cluttered, and less than perfect.

For example: Sunday/Monday when I shared pics of my guest room & storage closet.

When I showed my boss this pic, she asked why I kept chicken in my closet.

I kinda freaked out. Did people really think I kept chicken in my closet? I'm messy and unorganized, not gross and slovenly! For 45 straight minutes, I worried. But then reality set in. Most people know what a Bojangles Tailgate box looks like, and most people know that no actual food ever touches the cardboard. When I moved, I used every sturdy box I could get my hands on, including a bojangles box. Big deal right?

Then there is instagram. I love looking at pics of my favorite artists at work because most of them actually look like used studios. I organize my workspace and it looks like this....

Not this....

But that's just because instead of buying those awesome color coordinated crates and shelves, I use what I have to save money. Even if that's a Green Mountain Coffee box for files.

Real Life. That's what's happening over here. I strive for the perfectly clean and organized apartment but my husband leaves his shoes in the floor, and our cords are painfully visible around our TV. There are even days that I"m just too tired to wash the dishes and straighten the counters, so it stays a mess overnight!

How about you? What "Real Life" things do you beat yourself up over?

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Beth W said...

Amen to real life! I've done the perfect living space thing, and it's a waste of energy- you stress so much about keeping it picture perfect that you don't get to enjoy it. Life is messy, your living space should be (a little bit), too. :)