Friday, October 4, 2013

3 hour phone calls & other things that make me happy

It was a full pot kind of morning.
So I started writing a Friday Confessional Post, but It was so negative. When I'm stressed it's easy to let the little things eat at me. So in an effort to be a happy bride :) I thought I'd list out all the happy things from this past week!

  • My sister came and helped me unpack/organize at the new place on Monday and we got A LOT accomplished! 

  • I got to spend some time with this perfect little girl.

  • I literally cut the contents of my closet when I was packing and cleaning this week. Yay for less clutter!

  • We got our new sofa delivered!

  • I had a great dinner with my mom last night. I love that we've found a plan to meet half-way from time to time to chat and hang-out.

  • Finally I spent THREE HOURS on the phone last night with an old friend. It was great to catch up and I'm looking forward to cross-country trip #2 with her in December.

What was your happy this week?


holli said...

That's a nice couch! Todd and I have a large storage place that we use when we combined our homes and we are moving into a much smaller storage unit. Its nice to donate tons of boxes of stuff!
I know you are so excited about your wedding. I cant wait to see pictures and hear all about it.
Breathe in Breathe out! :)

Aubrey S. said...

So looking forward to seeing you walk down the aisle this weekend. The count down is running out!