Thursday, September 5, 2013

Who is Scruffy Doo?

{Title almost un-related except that it was the phrase that stuck out from dinner last night.}

These are my people ya'll. We are a pretty close group and I wouldn't give them up for anything. It's always a good time. We went out for a co-ed Wine Wednesday this week in honor of my birthday. I wore my new eShakti Dress for the occasion and because Jack and Diane didn't quite want to stay in I've decided it is officially a "going out" dress.

Jason bought an awesome cookie cake for the occassion.

It was a great birthday! Now onto the weekend :) My bridal shower is Saturday and I can't wait!


Jennifer Brownlee said...

So happy you had a great time. I am waiting for you to send me our pictures together!!!! Love you!

Helene said...

yum that cake looks good and yay for your bridal shower!!
Helene in Between