Thursday, August 1, 2013

PJ Party!

I love Chaotic Goddess Swaps. They always have such fun themes! I was soo excited to participate in the PJ Party Swap this month. I was paired with Angie from My So-Called Chaos and half of the dynamic duo behind this great swap centered blog!

Here is what she sent me!

XOXO Blanket, Pink and Black Nightgown, Light Pink Nail Polish, Mani Kit, "Wear cute pajamas..." Plaque, and Aloe Socks! I can't wait to try out the socks, my heels are ridiculous.

So much fun! Thanks to Angie and Beth for hosting! Keep an eye out on Angie's Blog to see what I sent here!


Beth W said...

How darling are those PJs?! I love 'em! Angie did a great job with this one...everything looks so fun and plush. :)
I'm coming over to join the PJ Party!

Meg said...

Seriously, aloe socks are AMAZING!!! I loooove mine. This is such a great swap idea!!

Miss Angie said...

Oh I hope you love it all! It all felt so nice... I was like "Oh PINK!" and then like "Oh that's sooo soft, I need to get it..."

I hope the nighty fits too!

Sarah S. said...

what a great gift. Looks like she thought of everything, lucky you.

Aubrey S. said...

Love that little placard, and that nighty is precious. Never heard of aloe socks. Let me know if you see a difference in your feet after wearing them a few times.

karen said...

What fun! The blanket looks super cozy. I looove a good blanket :)