Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Greek is Greek Link-up!

In keeping with what you might expect from me, I went to college in a small town. As in were it not for the college it might not have been a town. Tiny.

At a small, private, religiously affiliated college, there are no sororities or fraternities. But Greek is Greek and we did have Literary Societies. I was a Euphie Lil Sis. Epsilon Lambda Sigma (little sisters). We were attached to the Euphie Men. 
My roommate was an Athenian and our bestie was a Chi. Diversity folks. I could tell you all about the differences between Literary Societies and Sororities and Fraternities. But it boils down to money and houses. We weren't allowed to live in Greek Houses on our campus. We had designated Halls for meetings, but that was it. And our dues were cheaper.
But I had my best friends.
I went to parties.(Off Campus of course)
And we graduated!
I loved being a Euphie. Our colors were Red and Black and our mascot was a ladybug. The Society has changed a lot. (Obviously so have I! I think I've been in denial about my weight gain.) I looked up pictures of the current classes and they have changed the colors. It looks like a lot has changed at my Alma Mater and that makes me a little sad, but I loved my time there and being in a greek organization seriously added to my college experience. 

Carolina Fireflies

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Jennifer Brownlee said...

I love this post! I would never give up the experiences I had during college and especially in a Greek organization. I really felt I grew into the person I am today there. I love it! And you are still as beautiful as you were in college :)