Thursday, June 20, 2013

Not too shabby!

When Jason and I started dating back in 2010 he introduced me to GIMP. I cannot afford photoshop or AI and while I might could afford a one and done blog design I liked doing it myself! So over the past few years I've played and toyed and even helped out my friends with their blogs. These are the blogs I've designed lately and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with them. I finally figured out how to make pattern letters in GIMP so Jen's blog got an overhaul this week and I just thought I'd share my loves with you guys :)


Stephany said...

I think they look great girl!!

You are very talented! I love to design blogs too. After Lilli is born I want to go back to school for graphic design or just really take some refresher courses in it.

I can't afford photoshop either and I really get frustrated with the trial versions.

Please share some tutorials of GIMP. I do not understand it at all. I know, I may be dumb...but I just don't get it!!!

Jessica @ City Sequins said...

These all look great..good job!! I am not skilled at designing at all hahaha

Jennifer Brownlee said...

My blog looks so pretty!!! You are the bestest bestie ever!

Shon said...

Wow, great job!! I love all of these! You have a good eye!