Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wine Walk


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I'm not going to lie, when you do a Wino Wednesday post every week, there are times when it is hard to come up a topic. This week? Not the case at all! Where do I start?!

This is me with the two oldest of my younger sisters. We were getting ready to walk out of the house and head to downtown Lexington for the 4th Annual Wine Walk.

If you haven't ever been to something like this, you should try to find one. It's pretty awesome. Basically you get a wine glass to carry with you for the night and there are tables for all kinds of different businesses in town. They all have wine and they are pouring samples and passing out promotional materials for their businesses. I always find new labels to track down at this event, and there are always yummy samples from the local restaurants as well.

Jodi Rae with her "penis" fan. These thing folded into small circles.
But seriously? Does it not look like a penis?
This year's discovery? CK Mondavi Scarlet Five. I now have to find a local store that carries it, because it is AMAZING!

So basically you walk a big circle around downtown Lexington drinking wine. Then, when you think you're done, Edwin McCain takes the stage and you go do some drunken dancing with your sisters and some friends. Oh, everyone didn't do that? Just me? Ok.


Then as you are walking back to your parents house, your mom will text and ask if you'd like to be picked up, so you don't have to walk home. Then she will find you with your sisters sitting on a stump on the side of the road.

Then, because you foolishly accepted the drunken gummy bears that Kim offered, you will go home and promptly lose your insides. (Just me again? Dangit!)

For real though, I had the BEST TIME with my sisters Saturday Night. I love going to the Wine Walk every year and I sorely wish they did something like this in my town.

**Side Note: OxiClean is a miracle worker people. Invest!**

Have you ever been to a Wine Walk or a Wine Festival where they give out samples?

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Aubrey S. said...

Darn. I'm sorry I missed the Wine Walk. Alas, the bathroom remodel is holding me hostage. Glad you guys had a good least up to the drunken gummi bear incident.

Happy Wino Wednesday, my friend!

holli said...

I'm coming to visit you next year for this chickie!!! How fun. I want to do a wine walk and have someone pick me up.

Miss Angie said...

That looks like so much fun!

lil desiqua said...

I went to a wine festival like this at a local winery last year- it was so much fun! They had live music, free samples, and vendors selling all sorts of yummy and homemade goods.

This looks awesome! And sounds like you had a fabulous time- I need the recipe for those gummy bears!