Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Confessional {2.15.13}

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It's time for a few confessions with Aubrey at High-Heeled Love.

I Confess... I always get a little annoyed with people who preach the whole "I'm better than Valentine's Day because I don't need a holiday to show my love" people. Why burst someone else's bubble? I love my Mom every day of the year but I'm not bitching about Mother's Day. I even enjoyed it when I called it "Singles Awareness Day" so I'm not buying that bag of bitter either.

I Confess... That I'm ready to do bridal stuff. I was so excited when our wedding plans sort of fell into place without any effort (and I still am), but I'm ready to spend a day with my mom and sisters doing something "bridal". We're going to look at bridesmaid dresses next weekend, I'm thinking that should do the trick.

I Confess... I wore a see-through shirt to work yesterday. I didn't realize it (obviously) but my co-workers didn't know if they should say anything so it took me noticing it myself after lunch when I was washing my hands in the ladies room.

I bought a new top from our thrift store to remedy the issue. ($1! Yeah buddy!)
I got a weird eye thing going on in this pic. 0.o
I Confess... I get crazy scared to use pics from the web, no matter how "free" they are. So I do a lot of pinning and embedding and I've taken to making my own stuff for facebook. Did you catch this one yesterday?
I Confess... I've GOT to get my wisdom teeth out, BUT I don't have funds right now. I'm thinking about talking to my parents to see if I can filch from the wedding budget and replace it before October.

I Confess... We're going to the movies this weekend and I'm torn between Beautiful Creatures and the new Die Hard Movie.... seems like a weird conundrum.

I'm in love with my new post signature. It's actually my signature! Cool right?


Anonymous said...

Same here. I dislike those snobby "I don't need this holiday" attitudes, also. I love my husband every day, but I still like to do something special on our dating and wedding anniversaries.

Angelwithatwist said...

I LOVE the signature, how did you get your actual signature. I have a love for Thrift stores. I may go a little nuts in them. I recently acquired PSP and some other pic stuff so I plan on playing on them this weekend

VandyJ said...

Thrift store shopping is the best--good stuff for a great price.

Carrie Land said...

I've accidentally worn see through shirts to work before, too. It's always too dark when I'm getting ready in the morning to notice and no one ever notices or tells me at work. Yikes!

I'm a holiday scrooge haha. I don't know why holidays make me so grumpy.

Love the signature! I need to work on creating some things for myself like that, too.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of shirts that are really thin like that, so I have to take care to remember to wear a nude colored bra. It's such a pain in the butt!
I learned my lesson the hard way about borrowing pictures.. I now save the picture to a folder and use them that way and make sure to leave a link back to the site that I got it from. One time I didn't do that.. and instead of getting a nice picture it was a picture of naked people on a couch and it said something about stealing images.. It was posted on my blog for all to see! I was so embarrassed!!
Hope you have a great time at the movies this weekend!!
Stopping by from Friday Confessional ♥

Aubrey S. said...

What is it about wardrobe malfunctions and people not thinking they should say something. It's not like you'll get offended if you were intentionally going for a sexy look.

One year, my friends let me wear a swimsuit an entire summer that was transparent when it got wet. I had NO IDEA, and didn't realize until I saw pictures later. So embarrassing.

Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous weekend!

Beth W said...

Oh noes! I've had that happen, with a thin shirt, too. The worst was going to work ALL DAY with my floral-patterned bra clearly visible through my T-shirt and not knowing until my barista pointed it out. *facepalm*
The replacement sweater top is cute, though...great find!

Lynne said...

Popping in to say the signature is great! And, your choice of phrasing is top notch....chocolate and cabernet go together quite beautifully!

Stephany said...

love this post!
Yea, people need to stop hating on love day - PERIOD! Hey, that shirt was see thru, but it was super cute. Great spring color. And, the thrift store top- very adorable. Can't beat a great thrifty deal, my friend.

I can not wait for you to do bridal stuff. Enjoy it and don't get frustrated. It can get overwhelming...well it did for me, but I did have a 2 month when planning my wedding. YIKES, what were we thinking?!?!?!

Hope your weekend has been fabulous pretty lady!

Stephany said...

Oh, and your post signature totally rocks!!!! I LOVE IT!