Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January/February Vine Bloggers

Hey Ya’ll I’m Rae Rae. I’m just a southern girl with a love for family, faith, coffee, wine, owls and
anything to do with Nursing. I am supposed to be finished in August of this year. My blog is just my little corner of the world where I can talk about my random thoughts and adventurous days in the clinical setting. Occasionally I may go MIA from the blog when things get a little hectic but I promise I always come back eventually.

I grew up in the Mid-West...which is known for corn and wheat...NOT wine. I love wine. I don't have any knowledge of how wine is made, the process, or any of the technical jargon.  A crazy twist of fate has brought me to live near beautiful Southern California Wine Country. I can't wait to share my crazy journey with you as I taste wine, visit wineries, design & DIY my days away! CHEERS! Here is to Love, Life, and Wine...one glass at a time.

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Have Wine, Will Drink is authored by Natalie Hoage and Sili Recio - two bloggers who also happen to love wine. They connect women with the wine and wine lifestyle brands they love. Come learn about wine in a fun and approachable way…you don't have to know everything about wine to love it! Wine + Women = Fun.

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Hi, I'm Aubrey. I'm a shoe-lover (obviously) but the blog isn't just about footwear.  It started as a wedding blog,  but it quickly turned into a collection of sharing my favorite stories and girly things.  Expect adventures in South Carolina with a healthy dose of coffee and wine!

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