Monday, December 3, 2012

Project Warmth: Blanket Making Party

It's time for another Just Cause Project!

When Mrs. Pate and I first talked about Just Cause we decided that we should switch it up between causes and projects. This month we are presenting a project, but you get to choose the cause!


Project Warmth came from the idea that sometimes it doesn't matter who you choose to help, the important thing is to help someone. This time of year there are people all over the world who do not have the luxury of warmth. In some areas this can be life-threatening. In my own community I know that the homeless shelters stay full and many businesses open their doors to find men and women sleeping under their awnings to find shelter from the wind.

I personally chose the local Soup Kitchen as the recipient for my collections because I know that many who are not able to find a warm bed will still come there for a warm meal and a brief respite from the cold.

To really make an event of it, I decided to host a Blanket Making Party in my home! I looked through several no-sew blanket tutorials and found that it would be a simple project. We had a great time. I made my homemade apple cider and potato soup.

 I have a collection box for gently used blankets and I am collection all throughout the month of December. My ultimate goal is to collect 500 blankets. It's a high goal, but that is approximately how many people are served by the Spartanburg Soup Kitchen. Nothing would make me happier than to provide blankets for everyone there.

What can you do?

Put out a collection box. Get a box for your workplace and send out an e-mail (with permission of course) and let your co-workers know what you are doing. Pick an agency that you believe would benefit from your donations and take them over!

Host a Blanket Making Party. What could be better for your Holiday Girl's Night? All it takes is two pieces of fleece and a pair of scissors!

Partner with a local store. Approach  a local retailer about offering a discount on blankets for anyone who will donate it to a local charity. Similar to the way that Bi-Lo does the Boxes for Hunger program. $5 for a fleece blanket to go to the local homeless shelter. Imagine the possibilities!

Partner with a children's service group. Work with scouts? A church youth group? Have everyone bring their supplies and maked their blankets, then deliver them to a local shelter or children's home. It's a great way for kids to have fun and still focus on the season of giving!

Help us get this project out there! 

Tweet it out! "I'm joining Just Cause's Project Warmth! You should too! #BlogGoodDoGood"

Start your own initiative and blog about it. Post our button and link-up here! 

At the end of the month let me know your totals. I will be offering a "Cozy Prize Package" to whoever collects the most blankets for a local group or organization! All non-profits issue thank-you letters or receipts for donations. I will ask for a scanned or photo copy to verify. I hate to, but you know how it is.

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Robin said...

What an awesome idea! I agree that people should focus more on deciding to help someone at all, rather than who they are helping.