Friday, November 2, 2012


So I wrote this post in May, bur for some reason it never got posted? So here you go :)

I realized that a while back I intended to post pics of my tats and stories that went with them (if there were any) and I didn't finish that process.

P.S. that was like, April.

There's the tat I got with my sis, and the one where I almost branded myself as Islamic. The other two have less "story", but I love them all the same.

The first tattoo I got was on my foot, and it hurt like a bitch. So don't let anyone lie and tell you it won't!

I was on Spring Break my Senior year of college. All my friends were at the beach and I was at home. I was in a surly mood and I wanted to do something fun. So I called my best friend at the time and asked if she wanted to ride to NC with me to get inked. It was still illegal in SC at that point.

So we drove up to Columbus, NC to this little tattoo place called Mad House (It was later shut down. According to the rumor mill it had something to do with drugs and unsafe health precautions?) A very large man covered in ink asked what I wanted. And that was the first interesting part because I really didn't know. I started thinking girlie and I like daisies so I found a stock picture of daises and asked if they could add vines and a ladybug (the ladybug was the mascot of our Literary Society (read Private College Sorority) and yes this is a double parenthetical). So he did.

Did I mention that I'm extremely ticklish? Especially my feet? So combine crazy (as in me screaming out loud) pain with my ticklish feet and you have panting and crying and the dude telling me that I sound like I'm having an orgasm.

And right now you're saying. Seriously? And you got three more after that? 

Yes I did. And I love them all. And I want more.

Coincidentally the last tattoo I got was also an "I want ink and I want it now" situation. It was about four years ago and it was also the first time that Jen and I had ever hung out. Imagine her surprise when I called her saying, "Hey I know we just met, and you can say no, but do you want to go with me to get a tattoo cause I don't really want to go without company."

She said yes and had a good time because she'd never been to a tattoo parlor before, and because Buck, the tattoo artist, was pretty entertaining. She was watching closely, fascinated, when she asked if it hurt. I simply laughed because yes it hurt, the dude was using a needle gun! 

I couldn't cuss though, and this was probably why she thought it didn't hurt (I'm not known for holding back), because it was actually a Christian-Owned tattoo parlor and there were pictures of crosses and Jesus and the Virgin Mary all over the walls and I just felt evil for it so I grit my teeth until it was over.

I was happy though. Here is the end result.

Dragonfly on the inside of my wrist.

Now I want another one. A white ink lace tattoo the kinda wraps around my shoulder. But I'm still working on the design details.

Have any great tattoo stories? I'd love to hear them!


holli said...

I love your tattoos! I have 3 with plans for 2 more on the very near future.

SimplyHeather said...

Your tattoos are so cute! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I like your tattoos. I want one but, to be honest, the pain is the biggest reason why I haven't gotten one.