Friday, October 5, 2012

Just Cause: What I'm Doing

Today is the annual Interpersonal Violence Conference that my office puts on each year.

I work with some wonderful people and they are all very supportive of my jewelry business. So, they let me take one of the busiest work days of the year (in our office) off so that I can set up a vendor table for the conference attendees to shop. 

Part of the deal is that a percentage of what I make goes back to the organization. I, of course, have no problem doing that. I believe in the organization I work for and I'm happy to support it through extra volunteer hours as well as with my money.

So for Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October 1-31, 2012) I'm going to donate 15% of my sales through the etsy shop this month back to SAFE Homes - Rape Crisis Coalition to be used to help out with Christmas for Shelter Families.

I hope some of you might shop for Christmas presents this month so that a portion of that money can go back to helping those families in need.

What can you do?

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