Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just Cause: Sole Hope

So about a month ago I started talking with Tiffany over at Mrs Pate Writes about this awesome monthly project to draw attention to different non-profit organizations and projects each month. There was a great response tot he Blogger Bra Drive that she organized back in July. So why not continue doing good through our blogs?

And so, Just Cause was born.
Today I'm happy to have a post from Nat at Take the Cannoli to introduce you to Sole Hope, this month's Just Cause Project.


Have you heard of Sole Hope? I hadn't myself even a few months ago and now this organization has got a hold of my heart strings and has me driven to want to make even a greater difference in other peoples lives.

First if you haven't already, please check out Sole Hope's website HERE but more importantly watch this very short video which was the inspiration behind the start of it all. 
Now that your eyes have seen this video and your heart aches for these poor children, you should know that you can help make a change. 
There are millions of these precious children in Africa right now, becoming infested because of a simple problem. Sole Hope is solving that problem, one pair of shoes at a time!
See for yourself here. 

These little ones, these precious beings with no shoes and having their poor feet infested by parasites, causing so much pain and grief. I had no idea this was even happening. As I type through hot tears, my thoughts keep returning to the mothers of these children and can't even imagine the pain they must feel for their loved ones. Seeing footage and photos of children about the same ages as my sweet babies is too much to bear, isn't it?

Understand that this organization is not only putting shoes on children but they are also changing the lives of many adults as they are helping women and men learn the trade of shoemaking that will help them survive and thrive. 

As the idea of helping widows in Africa learn a trade and support themselves took shape, it occurred to the Sole Hope team that many people in the U.S could also benefit from learning how to make shoes. So they are reaching out to many groups such as:
  • homeless shelters
  • recovering addicts
  • unemployed and underemployed people
  • nonprofits
Learning this simple trade allows shoemakers to make a difference. It also helps the environment because they use recycled parts to create the shoes!

To go one step further, Sole Hope sends teams into these impoverished cities in Africa with medical supplies to hold foot washing and jigger removal clinics. This is a God loving organization so as they wash these children's feet, remove jiggers and provide them with shoes, they share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and equate these jiggers to the sin that takes hold of us each day. They share how Jesus is the only one who can wash their sin away. 
For more information on Sole Hope's mission and values visit their site HERE
Just like Asher said in the last video, "You can either turn away and act like it's not your problem or do what you can to help out with the situation at hand."
So now that you know how totally awesome Sole Hope is after reading this post I know you're all dying to order your own shoe cutting party kits so you can host your own party! Head on over to their store so you can order your kit today! But before you purchase your kit make sure to enter the discount code for 15% off your order throughout the month of September!

That's right, even though the cost of these kits help further their mission in saving lives, Sole Hope is offering a discount in hopes more of you will get involved this month!

For 15% off your shoe cutting party kit 
use discount code 
Remember there is HOPE. There is a way to make a change. Our prayer is that you will all get involved to help make that change. As summer is coming to an end and we are heading into the school year we understand schedules can get a little crazy. If you feel in your heart you want to help but know you won't be able to host a shoe cutting party of your own please know that you can donate to Sole Hope directly HERE.

You can make a change. You can help save lives.

"Everyone should use their gifts that they've received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms." 1Peter 4:10

So what can you do?
First- Blog about Sole Hope! Get the word out. Your voice can change someone's life!
Second- Link up your post about Sole Hope, we would love to see how this Just Cause touches you!
Third- Throw a shoe cutting party! 
Fourth- At the end of the month swing back by here and link up your post all about your amazing party, or what YOU did to help!

We can't wait to see what you do with your voice! 

Link up your post about Sole Hope here:

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The Bipolar Diva said...

What a great cause! Jeff and I have been trying to decide on a couple of charities to begin giving to on a regular basis. I'm going to bring this one up to him. Thanks!