Sunday, September 30, 2012

Just Cause: Shoe Cutting Party

So It's taken me all month to get around to telling you guys about my shoe cutting party!

I ordered a kit from Sole Hope to do the party and got some snacks together. There has been so much going on the past few months, I had a pretty small turn out. There were only four of us.

We had a great time though. My friend Jen has been talking about having her own party, and I'm thinking that once schedules lighten up some, I may try again.

We watched the Sole Hope video,

Split up the work, and cut out shoes!

Even though it was a small turn out, I got to tell a lot of people about what we were doing and a few people gave me money to send in with the shoes. It was a very good experience. I love this group and that they stand for. I was so excited to do a small part to help.

Wanna know more about Sole Hope and their mission? Read Nat's post HERE, and see all the individuals that have contributed to the case in the link-up!

I think this was a great cause for the first month of Just Cause! Look-out for tomorrow's intro post on October's Cause, Domestic Violence Awareness.

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Babes Mami said...

I will come to the next one if you like!