Saturday, September 1, 2012

Indie Gift Box Review

So I started seeing a lot of neat things last month about Indie Gift Box and I knew I really wanted to 1) buy one and 2) contribute to the Boxes.

I purchased the August Pretty Boho Box

There were glitches at checkout and I actually received a back-order box, which was slightly different than the original box.

There were items in my box from This Enchanted Pixie, Karibou Crafts, Anirtak, Kharliebug Handmade, and a CD from Sharaya Mikael

I was pretty pleased with the contents of the box. The little necklace from Anirtak was just darling, and the hairclips from Kharliebug almost made me wish I hadn't cut my hair yet. I can still use them though, and I can't wait to find the right outfit to wear them with.

The bracelet was too tight for me. I can't get it on with one hand which means I'll probably never wear it, but I love the look of it.

Now onto Contributing!


I'm going to have items in the September Cool Nature Indie Gift Box!

I'm excited to see the other items in the box. There are only 8 available so don't drag your feet. Check out the release dates and grab one for yourself!

I'm not telling you what I contributed but if you check out the Indie Gift Box Facebook Page you'll probably figure it out :)

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