Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Sister Taking Over

Today's guest post is from my little sister Rae Rae. How do you introduce your sister? I mean, I love her and think she's freakin' hilarious. But you'll have to figure that out for yourselves. If you aren't following her already, you're missing out.

Hey ya'll It's Rae Rae I'm over her on my sister's blog because she's on vacation with her man. :) Actually she's sitting next to me. *laugh* I'm an unemployed nursing student dead  in the middle of my schooling. And let me tell you it's about done made me crazy. I'm on a break right now so I have a few weeks of down time and I'm trying to get caught up and maybe read a book. Although MY SISTER just told me what happened at the end of the book I'm reading! I was so sad! *pout* It's all gravy, honest mistake.

So, the exciting part about Danielle and J's vacation is that we get to spend some time together on their comings and goings of the vacation because they will be traveling right by us. I love cooking and so does my sister and so does J, so we decided to cook dinner tonight. It's all very fascinating really. So we made BBQ Chicken and Mama's Macaroni and Cheese. Well Danielle made the macaroni I made the chicken. Pictures to come. I did learn a few things about how she makes macaroni. For example, she prefers to use a cauldron while I've always found that a colander works just fine for draining noodles.*smiles*  Right now we're just hanging out doing a little bit of nothing, enjoying a big cup of lazy and watching J play Wii golf.

So, as much as ya'll rock, I'm gonna go hang out with her. Not that we're hanging out while you're reading this. (Thursday I think?) It's like I'm in the past, well your past, my future...maybe. I don't know, I've confused myself now. I was never good with time travel. Swing by my blog and say hey! Later taters!

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