Thursday, August 30, 2012

Its Ok Thursday!

Its Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays
and Its OK

...that the air went out last night. We actually slept with the windows open and the fins on high and it was actually really nice.

...that tacos and sangria were exactly what I needed last night. I don't even feel bad that it wasn't 2% cheese.

...that even though I just got back from vacation, I'm crazy excited about my birthday weekend! In addition to Monday I took Tuesday and Wednesday off of work!

...that I'm posting a Sneak Peek at Wired Essentials today of some of the new designs I'll have available at the shows coming up next month.

...that I've been having fun with design this week. Check out Rae Rae's new look and the new look at Wired Essentials. Want my help with something? Let me know!

...that this is very true.

...that I've rediscovered my love of Rice Krispies, and I could eat them everyday.

...that I remind you again that Tuesday is my birthday! I'm excited about a weekend full of family and fun.

That's all I have. What's OK with you this week?


angel shrout said...

Hey don't you have a birthday coming up?? I wish I could take a vacation from being a mom and housewife for 3 days. I would lay in a jacuzzi tub at some hotel till I was shriveled like a prune..

Brianna Tucker said...

I love homemade rice krispies!! The bobby pin thing is so true
follow me

Anonymous said...

Rice Krispies are pretty much my favorite thing - cereal is the best midnight snack there is!

Les said...

Tacos and Sangria. Oh my gosh. I just ate dinner, and I'm suddenly hungry again. Haha ;)

I would love for you to stop by sometime and say hi! :)


JKT said...

Um, sangria! Sounds delish right now!

Oh and sleeping with the air off and windows open sounds so, so good too. Can't wait until it's just a little cooler :)

Babes Mami said...

How did I not know your birthday was today!?!? I could have made you treats, I might still have to sometime soon!

Happy Birthday Lady!!!