Tuesday, August 7, 2012

(August) Blog Star: Hi I'm Danielle!

Mrs. Monologues
I'm linking up with Mrs. Monologues' Blog Star. This is a monthly link-up for anyone who wants to meet new people. The rules are simply to link-up with the button, and post titled 'Blog Star: Hi, My name is ____" and write a little about yourself for others to read.

Her Co-Hosts this month are:

1. Lyzz {Defying Gravity} Blog | Twitter
2. Krystal {Krystal's Kitch} Blog | Twitter | Facebook
3. Sarah {Life's Short...Poupard} Blog | Twitter
4. Becky {The Java Mama} Blog | Twitter | Facebook
5. Celia {unSimply Celia} Blog | Twitter 
6. Meghan {Shine on Blog} Blog | Twitter

So onto the little bit about me.

I don't do sick very well. I was reminded yesterday that when I'm not feeling well I'd rather the world just let me be for a while, because I'm not too pleasant.

I do really love Chocolate Milk.

My sister is great, she also loves to post really old pics of us on facebook. Case in point.

I love to create awesome pieces of jewelry, and I've always got more ideas than I have time for.

I started the Palmetto Bloggers Group last month and it has really taken off. I'm super excited to meet these ladies in September!

I'm also still not feeling well today. My head is swimming and I really just want to go back to bed. So I'm going to have to be done for the day.

Have you linked up with Blog Star? Well go do it!


Meghan said...

I drink chocolate milk after my workouts:) So good!

Mrs. Monologues said...

Ugh my dad has taken a liking to posting pictures of me as a kid of facebook. Kills me. SO glad you linked up!
Mrs. Monologues

Cole said...

My cousins and I have made it a game on FB - who can post the most embarrasing childhood pictures. I'm winning. *snicker*