Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Re-cap!

I had a great weekend, how about y'all?

Friday night I went out for Mexican with a couple of my favorite girls, drank enough Sangria to get a little happy then went to the theater to see Magic Mike. 

It was sad to see the influx of police officers in the theater, but also comforting. The theater was full of women I wouldn't mind being friends with. Everyone was there in groups and they were all having a good time. Right away there were cat calls and laughter, but the manager apparently wasn't impressed. He happened to be in the theater with the officers and he essentially scolded the theater for being "ridiculous'. We just started giggling, Smash was like, "Did he really just scold us?".

My thoughts on the movie: It was fun, and the dancing was entertaining. It wasn't the fluff movie I was expecting though. There was a lot of serious stuff going on in the plot. There was a lot of drug use. So it wasn't the mindless entertaining dance-filled movie I was expecting. But it wasn't bad. I still enjoyed it. There was still dancing, hot men, and lots of funny stuff in there.

I look kinda crappy, oh well!
So yesterday we got up early and drove down to spend the day with my family. We met up with everyone for lunch then J went with my step-dad to work on their internet problems while I went with my mom and sisters to go shopping. My sister was like, "What's up with the T-shirt?" I thought she meant the Clemson shirt, apparently she just meant me in a t-shirt. I'm usually in sun dresses or cutesy stuff. I figure since I got up early on a Saturday I'd earned a "casual" day, lol. 

We hit up this consignment shop called Roundabout's that was crazy huge. It was the size of a Marshall's or a Ross and very similarly laid out, only it was all consignment. I found a cute dress that needs a little TLC that will be great to take on vacation for a date night.

I also found a new bead store! The primary objective for the trip was to visit this store we found several months ago for some more agate slices, but they had gone out of business. So I hopped on google and found a new store on in Columbia, Swift Water Beads and Jewelry Supply, and they had some really awesome finds. I also find out that as soon as I finish the process on my business license I can get some pretty good deals on supplies there. 

Then we went home and I worked a little on some jewelry, we all had dinner and watched a movie. It was a really nice day with the family :)

This morning J and I are going to visit a church downtown and then grab lunch and maybe a nap.

How about you? What did you do this weekend?

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