Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why I love Girl's Night!

I have had the immense pleasure of hanging out with my friends a good bit lately and it has been wonderful! I think, well I know, that spending time with this group of girls is good for my mental health. So I thought I would list my favorite things about Girl's Night :)

1. There is no pressure or judgement about appearance.

Girl's Night is a come as you are event. My friend Jen loves to dress up (dress, heels, jewelry, the works) and I love to wear jeans and a cotton top, no makeup. Both are completely acceptable at girl's night! In fact, I could have come in yoga pants and a t-shirt and no one would have cared! I love that!

2. It's like a cheap cocktail hour!

We all bring drinks so there is always so much, and we bring apps instead of dinner. So we sit around the table and graze and drink and talk and it's awesome! We can do this for hours (literally) and there is never a dull moment.

3. We dance and sing and make fools of ourselves, and no one posts it on youtube!

Jen has a pretty diverse iPod with some pretty awesome music. We belt out with Journey, Prince, and Brittney and no one is judging! It's so much better than karaoke! (Not that we don't love karaoke!) Then there is the dancing. We dance, like we're never going to dance again (hehe) and there is no shame in watching youtube videos to learn steps! Seriously, so much fun.

4. We dream and encourage each other. 

Maybe it's all the alcohol, but it seems like the night always ends with one or more of us talking about our plans. It might be me or Jen talking about owning our own businesses one day, it may be one the brides-to-be talking about buying a house, it might be anything. Everyone is always supportive and encouraging though. I love my friends, and I love girl's night!

I'd love to hear from anyone reading, do you have girl's night on a regular basis? What do you do?

P.S. Happy Birthday Jen :)


angel shrout said...

I would love to have a girls night. However that requires girls that have extra time. My bff basically doesn't drive herself anywhere and doesn't drink. My other one is about to have gastric bypass.. leaving me .. can I come to yours lol

Babes Mami said...

I need a girls night too! First, I need extra cash to fund a girls night haha