Thursday, April 19, 2012

Its Ok Thursday! {8}

It's Thursday!!! One my my favorite bloggy days :)
I'm linking up with Neely and Amber for Its Ok Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays


...that I'm so excited about going to see Les Mes tonight that I really don't even want to work today!

...that I'm proud of myself for eating breakfast today, even if it was just Fruit Loops.

...that in my rush to gather my things for tonight, I forgot to grab lunch :-/

...that as a result I will likely have to eat fast food if I want lunch today.

...that I've decided to give up my place for the next year. A small price to pay to reduce debt and build some savings.

...that I've been a little obsessed with dance this week. I've literally been going through positions and routines in my head (it's not a performance class). be a little sad that no one entered the writing contest, but I'm chalking it up to timing, and the newness of the site. I'll try again this fall. love my cat. I've had him four years but I was never a "pet parent" I simply had a cat. But he's been so sweet lately and I just love him. (I know crazy 'crazy cat lady alert' don't worry I'm not going to collect anymore.)

That's all :)


Sarah said...

Dont worry about the dance thing. Its been four years since I graduated high school and had to stop cheering but I still do cheers in my head and walking around my house alone sometimes. I miss it!

Amber said...

I always feel proud of myself when I eat breakfast too :)

Babes Mami said...

You won't be down the block now? Boo. But, you need to save money, I'd give up my apartment for that.