Thursday, March 1, 2012

Help me! {Updated}

So I'm creative enough to design these beautiful items...

 But I can't for the life of me come up with a name that I like to market my little business. I want to set up a separate web page and get new business cards, and maybe even jewelry place cards with my logo. But no name means no logo, and no (good) marketing.

Here is where you come in. This isn't an official giveaway, but it is a chance to score some jewels for yourself. I need help coming up with a name for my jewelry line. Comment with your ideas and suggestions, and if I use your idea, I'll hook you up with some bling.

My prefered mediums are natural stones, wire, and chain. If that helps the creative juices at all :)

UPDATE: I just got this awesome list of possible names from Stephanie and wanted to share!

Danielle's Dynamic Designs
Natural ClassTied Up Design
 Sticks & Stones 
The Jewelry Box
Danielle's Natural Wonders
Gettin' Stoned with Danielle...hahaha
Natural Beauties (Danielle's Natural Beauties)
Naturally Sophisticated 
Wrapped up in Design
Organic Designs

I also told her I think I'm leaning toward something like Wired, for a multitude of reasons, but after reading her list I also think Wired and Stoned should be an option!

UPDATE (2) : Ok, so Wired Design, Wired Designs, and Naturally Wired are all existing businesses, so I'm still trying. I like the wired aspect though. Still seeking the perfect name.


Monica said...

Heres a few ideas:
* Danielle's Blingo
* Jewelingo
* Beadster
* Danielle's Beadster and rings.

Mimi said...

oh my gosh, wow!!! these are so pretty, i love them all! :)

oh man, i'm not good at coming up with cool and unique names either, hmmmm... wired & chained? aaahhh, that's probably not good, haha. ;) but anyways, i know your business will be a success because these pieces are gorgeous!

<3, Mimi

Sarah said...

I really like Sticks and Stones.... Its simple, catchy, marketable, and easy to search for. I love the Robins Nest egg... I may eventually have to spring for one :) Ive been making some simple Jewelry myself. Any tips?

Amira said...

I really like Sticks & Stones! Very catchy :-)

Just Jen said...

Completely Wired.