Friday, March 16, 2012

Green Everywhere!!

So since tomorrow is St. Patty's Day I  made cupcakes and cookies for my coworkers with yummy Mint Buttercream Icing!
This is the table cloth in our break room.
I think it's hideous. Just Sayin'.
Also, I discovered Polyvore this morning. It's insane that I didn't know about this before!! I don't know where I thought the cute outfits were coming from, but now I know! This is my 'green' creation :) 

Also, I made this on Wednesday primarily because it looks like the Salon Logo where a high school friend of mine works, but now I want one :) So, I'm going to make another tonight for myself to wear tomorrow!

That's all I have for St. Patty's Day. I have a dinner date with my man tonight at one of my favorite restaurants. I'm very excited about getting a yummy Calzone from Trios. I've been craving one for about a week!

This has been a Friday Brain Dump Post, you may now return to your regularly scheduled Friday :)

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