Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Book Addictions

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Jenny, AKA Just Jen

Jenny is a well rounded blogger, writing at Just Jenn... Unleashed, The Blonde Who Reads, and Just Jenn and Jesus. She is a pretty cool chick! Check out her sites and get to know her. She is also my co-host for the next writing contest!

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D: Hey girl!

Jenny: Hey!

D: So my start up questions are Where are you? What are you wearing? and What are you drinking?

Jenny: Ok! I am in my living room in MY seat wearing VS  Love Pink Sweats and a pink tank top drinking southern sweet tea from a red Solo cup!

D: Nice! I love the Red Solo Cup! I bet you're a Toby Keith girl like me!

Jenny: Yeah, he's pretty awesome. I like some country, mainly older stuff. I'm more of a rock kind of girl though.

D: I understand completely! I'm a Southern Rock chick myself. I kinda love Kid Rock, and the classics, Def Leppard, Zepplin, etc.

Jenny: Yes! I knew you'd understand!

D: So we are talking books today! I love your new book blog and I saw that you are contributing to Ashley's review site as well! Have you always been an avid reader?

Jenny: I have always been an avid reader. My mom worked in a Library so I practically grew up there with her. I always have at least 2 books with me...

D: Growing up in a Library sounds like a dream! What's your favorite genre?

Jenny: That's a tough one. Growing up I was all about VC Andrews, I still collect her books. Now, I love paranormal. I like smutty books too , though.

D: Oh my, VC Andrews brings back some memories. I read her in Jr High and I hid them so my mom wouldn't see! *laughs*

Jenny: I guess I'm lucky I didn't have to hide them. I learned about sex from Flowers in the Attic.

D: Me too! *laughs* Have you ever read Shiloh Walker?

Jenny: No I haven't. Though, looking on Goodreads, Fragile is on my TBR list!

D: Me too, I haven't read either of the Rafferty books yet. She is probably my favorite author right now. I love the Grimm Circle Series and the Ash Trilogy, that's her newest. It's definitely worth the read.

Jenny: I'll look them up! Hunter's Choice is free on Amazon right now, I just sent it to my Kindle.

D: So what are you reading right now?

Jenny: Right now I am reading Sophie's Secret by Tara West, Learning by Karen Kingsbury, and Maximum Withc by Jodi Redford.

D: Sounds like a nice mix. You must be like me, a little bit of everything?

Jenny: That's me! I'm a big ball of ADD *grins*

D: So you like to do some writing too, yes? Anything big or just the fun short stories I've had the pleasure of reading?

Jenny: Oh yeah, I have tons of starts. So far everything is just a short story. I've been thinking of writing something longer though.

D: I have two novels stared. One got out of control (too many story lines) so I laid it aside for a while. Now I'm working on an Erotic Romance Novel, I'm about 1/2 way through.

Jenny: Dude, I *have* to read your novel!

D: *grins* We'll see! I'm excited for you to co-host the next short story contest!

Jenny: I'm excited about the contest! Our prizes are going to rock!

D: Yes they are! Thanks for chatting with me today!

Jenny: I had fun!

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I love to read! I need to pick out some more books at the library.