Monday, February 6, 2012

Mondays with Missie

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Missie or her clan allow me to introduce you.

Meet Missie! Young, single, and sassy, Missie works hard to play harder. Weekdays you'll find her working as the day manager for a small apartment complex, and on the weekends she's everyone's favorite bartender. Being single and working long hours affords her the simple luxuries. Tanning, weekly massages and mani/pedis, Missie loves feeling pampered and beautiful. She has a few girlfriends, Gina being her closest and longest standing partner in crime. Working downtown in one of the area's most popular bars has allowed her to meet some pretty interesting people and make a lot of connections. She never goes anywhere that she doesn't know someone. It's how she scored such a great apartment at low rent. So settle in and get to know her!

The Girls: 

Gina- Missie's best friend. She has a great sense of style, a cushy job, and a hot new boyfriend, Josh.
Mckenna- Long time friend of Gina's who is recently engaged. She prys herself away from wedding planning to hang out with the girls from time to time.
Stacey- Long time friend of Missie's. She works a corporate job only because she doesn't get paid to party. She is generally surrounded by men and always knows what's new before anyone else.

The Boys:

Josh- Gina's college fling/now boyfriend who moved to the area recently for work.
Mark- Missie's boss at McHale's (Her weekend bartending job).
Mike- Missie's most recent boyfriend. he took their break-up a little hard.
Tommy- Gina's cousin and one of Missie's great friends. They've been friends with benefits in the past but he is dating a girl named Kendra right now.
Brian- Missie's ex. The only ex who broke her heart.

You can read all of the previous installments of Mondays with Missie at Starting next week I will be posting weekly installments here on Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl.

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